7 July 2013

Red Gate by Guan Donghai

Red Gate
This new sculpture, ‘Red Gate’ by Professor Guan Donghai 关东海 , on display in the Chinese Glass gallery, was donated by him to the Art Gallery The castwork is one in a series called City Gates, exploring the motif of the gates of ancient Chinese walled cities. It is in fact a very valuable donation because many of his works sell for £I8,000 a piece. Professor Guan often uses opaque glass, worked to look like other materials such as jade or bronze. In the piece he has donated, the gate appears to be fashioned from stone or marble with a terracotta roof. Protruding heads arranged in a line resemble ancient Chinese bronzes.

Kate checks the display and adds a label
The gate is smeared in bright red powdered glass which lends it an aura of foreboding. In order that the work can be viewed from 360 degrees in one of the Collection’s island cases, he experimented with a new technique, casting each element of the design separately then re-firing the parts to the kiln to fuse them together. The work was fired a total of four times. The dimensions of Red Gate are height: 31 cm, width: 25 cm, depth: 13 cm.
Kate's assitant Willemijn admires the work