2 January 2015

The Bust of Conrad Finzel

The sugar refinery of businessman and philanthropist Conrad Finzel dominated the centre of Bristol in the 19th century, until the late 1870s, on the site now being redeveloped as Finzel’s Reach. Sugar refining was among the most significant industries in Bristol in the 18th and 19th centuries, but Bristol Museums & Galleries has little in the way of artefacts in its collections to reflect this. Finzel made a major contribution to the technology of the industry and ran the largest refinery in the city. His philanthropic work included supporting the Muller Orphanage.

This large bust was carved by ‘G. Papworth of London’ in 1856 and stands on an oak pedestal, made from timber reclaimed from the 17th century Fourteen Stars tavern demolished to make way for the refinery.