9 February 2015

2013 - 2014 Conservations

'Donkey Ride’ by Eva Gonzales: the problems with this conservation were described in the November 2012 edition of The Bulletin. In the event it has taken far longer than hoped to complete the work, and following Carolyn Lamb’s decision to leave the service in the summer, it is unlikely that work can be re-started on this painting until Spring 2015.

‘Genoa Lighthouse and the Temple of Minerva Medica’ by Claude-Joseph Vernet 1746.

The conservation work on this painting, purchased in 1969 from a Miss Marian A. Hamand, was recently completed in time to be hung as part of the Gallery 4 refurbishment and re-hang. Do look out for it, it’s an impressive work.

This image shows Helen Dowding, the conservator who worked on it, standing alongside the painting at the opening of the Gallery.

(See News for a report of the re-opening of Gallery 4)