2 July 2011

Fruits Of My Life

Kate Malone attended Henbury School and Bristol Polytechnic before moving to London and completing her studies in ceramics. Since then she has bccome internationally recognised, particularly for her experiments with various types of glazing. Commissioned by The Friends, her work now on display in the Bristol People Gallery of M Shed is a striking Lady Gourd, which Kate has named ‘Fruits of my Life’. Although difficult to see, under the lid of the Gourd carved into the inside surface, are the names of her home and places in Bristol Kate associates with her formative years in the City. The outer surface of the Gourd features natural forms such as leaping fish, a pineapple, blossom and acorns. It is a superb piece of ceramic art.

Kate is doing The Friends the honour of giving this year’s Schubart Lecture on Thursday 29 September in the Rear Hall of the Bristol Museum & Art Gallery. Look out also for a video diary of Kate making her Gourd, shortly to be installed in M Shed alongside her work.
(Photo by Adrian Sassoon)