28 May 2017

New additions to the Contemporary Glass Colletion

In January 2017, Kate Newnham, senior curator of Visual Arts, took a trip to Japan to courier Bristol's portrait of Martin Luther by Lucas Cranach between exhibition venues in Tokyo and Osaka. Thanks to a Jonathan Ruffer curatorial grant from the Art Fund, Kate was able to extend her visit by eight days to do background research on Bristol’s Japanese collection and explore contemporary glass-making in Japan. 

The Friends committee had agreed to support some contemporary collecting for the museum’s Eastern Art collection with funds from Erica Rudd. 

With the Friends’ funds Kate was able to buy 13 pieces of contemporary glass by five glassmakers, some woodblock prints (including a set to illustrate the successive colour impressions on an 18th century actor print), two special red cloths on which to display our sets of Doll’s Festival dolls and other objects relating to the Doll’s Festival, enabling BMAG to stage some exciting Japanese exhibits in the future.